Mystery Book Author Signings


These are the author book signings we will be hosting, and the ones we have had at our independent mystery bookstore in Denver, Colorado.  See a picture of the store on our home page.   We are proud of the relaxing and enjoyable setting we provide for the mystery books authors and their fans.  These author signings are always an enjoyable event to attend.  Please come and visit us at our store on Old South Pearl Street in Denver, Colorado.

When each author visits our store we have a local bakery make a cake in the exact likeness of the cover of the author’s book. It has been a unique and tasty tradition of ours for years! See the pictures below.

See pictures of our Most Recent Signings.
MarkCoggins and John Billheimer sign Candy From Strangers and Stonewall Jacksons Elbow 11-4-2006
Robert Spiller signs The Witch of Agnesi – 10-28-2006
William Kent Krueger Ellen Hart Carl Brookins The Minnesota Crime Wave sign their latest – 10-25-2006
Jan Burke signs Kidnapped – 10-19-2006
James D. Doss signs Stone Butterfly – 10-14-2006
Robert Greer signs The Fourth Perspective – 10-11-2006
Margaret Coel signs The Drowning Man – 9-27-2006
Susan Wittig Albert Signs Bleeding Hearts and The Tale of Cuckoo Brow Woods 09-01-2006
Jacqueline Winspear signs Messenger of Truth 08-30-2006
P.J. Tracy sign Snowblind 08-12-2006
Barry Eisler signs The Last Assassin 7-27-2006
Denise Mina signs The Dead Hour 07-18-2006
Will Thomas signs The Limehouse Test 07-26-2006
Jeff Shelby signs Wicked Break 07-15-2006
Aileen Baron signs The Torch of Tangier 06-29-2006
Kyra Davis signs Passion, Betrayal and Killer Highlights 06-01-2006
Nancy Atherton Signs Aunt Dimity and the Deep Blue Sea 03-04-2006
Steve Hockensmith signs Holmes On The Range 02-25-2006
Lono Waiwaiole Signs Wileys Refrain 02-17-2006
Alex Kava Signs A Necessary Evil 02-14-2006
Linda Fairstein Signs Death Dance 1/23/2006
Michael McGarrity Signs Nothing But Trouble 1/17/2006
C.J. Box Signs In Plain Sight 5-18-2006
Craig Johnson Signs Death Without Company 5-8-2006
Betty Webb Signs Desert Run 4-19-2006
Diane Davidson Signs Dark Tort 4-15-2006
Randy Wayne White Signs Dark Light 4-2-2006
Michael McGarrity signs Nothing but Trouble 1/17/2006
Linda Fairstein signs Death Dance 1/23/2006
Kirk Russell and Tony Broadbent Sign Dead Game, Spectres In the Smoke 10-22-2005
Bette and JJ Lamb sign Heir Today 10-20-2005
Maggie Sefton signs Dying to Sell 10-18-2005
James Doss signs Shadow Man 10-15-2005
Blake Crouch signs Locked Doors 10-8-2005
David Morrell signs Creepers 10-5-2005
Michael Connelly signs The Lincoln Lawyer 10-4-2005
Robert Greer signs Resurrecting Langston Blue 10-1-2005
Pari Noskin Taichert signs The Belen Hitch 9-24-2005
Meredith Blevins signs The RedHot Empress 9-22-2005
Mary Anna Evans and Libby Fischer Hellmann sign A Shot To Die For 9-20-2005
Margaret Coel signs Eye of the Wolf 9-9-2005
Ann Ripley signs Summer Garden Murder 8-6-2005
Jeff Shelby signs Killer Swell 8-2-2005
Louise Ure signs Forcing Amaryllis 7-26-2005
Barry Eisler signs Killing Rain 7-21-2005
JA Konrath signs Bloody Mary 7-16-2005
John Connolly signs Black Angel 6-22-2005
Will Thomas signs To Kingdom Come 6-14-2005
Sue Henry signs Murder At Five Finger Light 6-11-2005
CJ Box signs Out Of Range 5-26-2005
Steve Berry signs The Third Secret 6/8/2005
Denise Hamilton signs Savage Garden 5/14/2005
Nancy Atherton Signs Aunt Dimity and the Next of Kin 2-12-2005
Craig Johnson Signs The Cold Dish 1-31-2005
Jan Burke Signs Bloodlines 1-25-2005
Patrick Hasburgh Signs Aspen Pulp 12-18-2004
Virginia Swift signs Bye Bye Love – 10/29/2004
Diane Davidson signs Double Shot – 10/23/2004
Brian Wiprud signs Pipsqueak – The Convertible Tour – 6/15/2004
Barry Eisler signs Rain Storm – July 22,2004
Julia Spencer Fleming signs Out of the Deep I Cry – and – Denise Hamilton signs Last Lullaby – May 12, 2004
Michael Connelly signs The Narrows – May 7, 2004
Sue Henry signs The Serpents Trail – May 6, 2004
William Kent Krueger signs Blood Hollow – March 2, 2004
Stephen White signs Blinded – Feb 28,2004
Stephanie Kane signs Extreme Indifference – 11/15/2003
Jacqueline Winspear signs Maisie Dobbs – 11/5/2003
Dan Simmons signs Hard As Nails – 11/1/2003
Dan Simmons signs Hard As Nails
Robert Greer signs Heat Shock – 10/29/2003
Meredith Blevins signs The Hummingbird Wizard – 10/28/2003
Ann Parker signs Silver Lies – 10/23/2003
Ann Parker signs Silver Lies - 10/22/2003
Sharon Kay Penman signs Dragon’s Lair – 10/22/2003
Sharon Kay Penman signs Dragons Lair - 10/22/2003
James Doss signs Dead Soul – 9/24/2003
Neil McMahon signs To the Bone – 9/25/2003
Michelle Black signs A Second Glass of Absinthe – 9/18/2003
David Corbett signs Done for a Dime – 9/17/2003
J.A. Jance signs Exit Wounds – 8/1/2003
James Mitchell signs Lover’s Crossing – 7/26/2003
Barry Eisler signs Hard Rain – July 23, 2003
G.M. Ford signs A Blind Eye – July 14, 2003
Steve Hamilton signs Blood is the Sky June 27, 2003
Richard Barre signs Burning Moon
June 20, 2003
Lee Child signs Tripwire July 14, 1999 Christine Jorgenson & the cake for Dead on her Feet
July 17,1999
Nevada Barr signs Liberty Falling
April 9, 1999
James W. Hall signs
Body Language
Diane Mott Davison signs Prime Cut
and holds The Cake
August 13,1998
Max Allan Collins with the Flying Blind cake
July 18, 1998
Philip Reed with the
Low Rider cake
July 22, 1998
Sparkle Hayter KISSES
one of her limited editions
of The Last Manly Man
MaxAllanCollins60.jpg (8392 bytes) PhilipReed60.jpg (8248 bytes) SparkleHayter60.jpg (4007 bytes)
June 14,1998
Michael McGarrity signs
Serpent Gate
July 15, 1998
Nancy Tesler signs
Sharks, Jellyfish, and other Deadly Things
MichaelMcGarrity60.jpg (6194 bytes) NancyTesler60.jpg (4195 bytes)