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These are the author book signings we will be hosting, and the ones we have had at our independent mystery bookstore in Denver, Colorado. See a picture of the store on our home page. We are proud of the relaxing and enjoyable setting we provide for the mystery books authors and their fans. These author signings are always an enjoyable event to attend. Please come and visit us at our store on Old South Pearl Street in Denver, Colorado.When each author visits our store we have a local bakery make a cake in the exact likeness of the cover of the author’s book. It has been a unique and tasty tradition of ours for years! See the pictures below. You can contact us on our contact page. We also have pictures of many of our earlier author signings (back to 1998).

UPCOMING EVENTSSaturday,  James D. Doss- Coffin Man  Sorry this event has been cancelled.  Signed books will be available

10:00-11:30 This is Doss’ 16thbook featuring part-time tribal investigator & Colorado Rancher, Charlie Moon.  When Colorado rancher and part-time tribal investigator Charlie Moon gets a call from Wanda Naranjo, she’s panicked. Not  only is her sink leaking, which Moon graciously fixes, but her sixteen-year-old daughter, Betty, has gone missing.  And that’s not all. Betty claimed to be going to see a school counselor on what turned out to be his day off. So was she running away or was she abducted? Moon’s best friend, Granite Creek Chief of Police Scott Parris, doesn’t believe any of it and suspects that Wanda tricked them into doing a little emergency plumbing. While it’s enough to make Parris’s blood boil, Moon can’t shake the feeling that some other foul play might be at work.



6/13/2009 Craig Johnson signs The Dark Horse
4/21/2009 Sandra Dallas signs Prayers for Sale
4/11/2009 Diane Mott Davidson signs Fatally Flaky
3/18/2009 Sandi Ault signs Wild Sorrow
2/27/2009 Jeffrey Sigar signs Murder In Myconos
2/18/2009 Jacqueline Winspear signs Among the Mad
2/14/2009 Linda Fairstein signs Lethal Legacy
1/31/2009 Nancy Atherton signs Aunt Dimity Slays the Dragon
C.J. Box Signs Three Weeks to Say Goodbye
10/21/2008 Robert Greer signs Blackbird Farewell
Robert Greer signs Blackbird Farewell
11/15/2008 James D. Doss signs Snake Dreams
8/7/2008 Tim Hallinan signs The Fourth Watcher
7/22/2008 Brent Gelfhi signs Volks Shadow
3/8/2008 – Nevada Barr signs Winter Study
C.J.Box signs Blue Heaven
J.A.Jance signs Hand of Evil
2007-11-10 James Doss signs Three Sisters
2007-10-27 Robert Greer signs The Mongoose Deception 2007-10-17 Eric Stone signs Grave Imports
2007-10-04 Mike Befeler signs Retirement Homes Are Murder
2007-09-14 Zoe Sharp signs Second Shot
2007-09-11 Diane Mott Davidson signs Sweet Revenge
2007-09-06 Margaret Coel signs The Girl with Braided Hair
2007-07-31 Rhys Bowen signs Her Royal Spynessata Royal Tea 2007-07-24 Alafair Burke signs Dead Connection
2007-06-30 Brent Ghelfi signs Volks Game 2007-06-23 The Elaine Viets Stand-In Tour – Mario Acevedo Christine Goff Beth Groundwater Christine Jorgenson and Jeanie Stein
2007-05-30 ichael Connelly signs The Overlook 2007-05-15 C.J.Box signs Free Fire
2007-04-28 Mark Stevens signs Antler Dust 2007-04-14 Sandra Dallas signs Tallgrass
2007-04-14 Marne Davis Kellogg signs Friends in High Places 2007-03-28 Craig Johnson signs Kindness Goes Unpunished
Steve Hockensmith signs On The Wrong Track – 03-21-2007
Laura Lippman signs What The Dead Know – 03-20-2007
Stephen White signs Dry Ice – 03-14-2007
Nancy Atherton signs Aunt Dimity Goes West – 03-10-2007
Peter May signs The Fourth Sacrifice and Extraordinary People – 03-06-2007
Robert Dugoni signs Damage Control – 3-8-2007
Tim Dorsey signs Hurricane Punch – 03-06-2007
Janice Kaplan signs Looks To Die For – 3/2/2007
Giles Blunt signs By the Time You See This – 2-24-2007
Dolores Johnson signs Pressed To Kill – 1-27-2007
Sandi Ault signs Wild Indigo – 1-24-2007
Linda Fairstein signs Bad Blood – 1-20-2007
Francine Mathews signs TheAlibi Club and Jane and the Barque of Frailty – 1-16-2007
Ann Ripley signs Death In The Orchid Garden – 11-11-2006
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